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Success Stories

Corey Jeppsen
Bahlr Media

I can’t articulate how much Leanne knows about how to navigate an entrepreneur’s financial journey, and empathizes with the most vulnerable elements of life: your money.


I have always been a mess when it came to handling my finances.  Then I added a growing business to the mix.   My business made a lot of money, but never seemed to be able to keep it. Enter Leanne. She brings clarity, confidence and organization to my financial future, and I am so grateful.   She is the queen of small business financial advice and business consulting.

Danica Gilbert

Screenshot 2023-06-27 031152.jpg

Now I have time to focus on other events, plan and think about the next steps versus just struggling through my financial side of things and it’s advanced me already. It’s set me up for success.


The Two-Number Method is so awesome!  It makes everything so clear.  2020 has been weird but I’m so thankful that I had your system set up. Thank you Leanne!


​I was doing a lot of things wrong, but Leanne made it really clear on what I needed to do with my steps moving forward with setting budgets and goals.


I have been in business 8 years and am guilty of many of the financial behaviors you discussed. This was the best investment for my business. Profit Lab was excellent!


“Stress down, profit AND stability up!  I appreciate everything I learned from you! ”  Mikayla Hoffman, Realtor


The Two-Number Method was a life changer.  I am so grateful I wasn’t stressed financially during the covid shutdown. My profit account is still growing!


With over 80% turnover in my industry someone needs to help Realtors understand money and what to do with it; and Leanne is the one who does it best! Having been the CEO of a real estate franchise with over 200 solopreneurs, I know how they think, how they act, what they're good at, and what they're not. They are a unique combination of DIY-ers and risk takers.


No one understands business owners and their money better than Leanne. Her perspective and approach relevant, practical, and unmatched.

Customer Happiness Unleashed

Sarah Perez
Perez & Perez Law

Kerra Bower
Little Scholars 


The first time I met with Leanne and she told me what we were going to do, I couldn’t sleep for a week. But after we did it, I’ve never slept better.


Hiring Leanne was the best decision we ever made for our business and our marriage.

Joel Barbour Great PNW_edited.jpg

I have tears in my eyes. You truly have changed my life, my stress, my clarity, just everything.  I really feel like you gave me my health back

Dezda Finn, Owner of Dezda Finn Properties

Carlie and Caleb Ingrosoll
Lucky You

Jamie Magdic
Side by Side Nutrition Clinics


Leanne’s Two-Number Method transformed my business cash flow! As a new business owner, I had growth outpacing my financial-know-how.  I needed help.  It is now understandable, easy to plan, track, and make financial decisions for my business.


Coaching with Leanne was incredibly helpful. She is full of knowledge and compassion. She helped me gain confidence and a new sense of ease and groundedness with the financials in my business. I now feel so much more knowledgeable and able to make big financial decisions on my own. It really feels like a huge level up for me!

Curt Stockwell


Leanne’s approach is: let’s not look in the rearview mirror to understand your money, let’s look to the future.

Adair Photography


Working with Leanne and her Two-Number Method changed us from the inside out. Our business went through a complete financial transformation when we implemented her method to our cash flow.

Callie Johnson
Made with Love Bakery


I would have killed to have access to Profit Lab my first two years in business!  I knew I needed help with money, but I couldn’t share my small business money problems with financial pros.   After I implemented Leanne’s Two-Number Method we went from hoping ends meet, to bank accounts full of money.  


I had a struggling business that could generate money, but couldn't make a profit.  I was stuck in the cycle of having to work more, work harder.  No matter how much I increased my income, there never seemed to be profit!  I felt like a failure.  I was knocked off my pedestal, then built back up with Leanne’s commitment and grace. She taught me her Two-Number Method and gave me  tools to make my business flourish in a way I didn’t think was possible. My business is now truly profitable;  I’m able to forecast and plan at a whole new level. 


We now have 10 times the financial resources than when we began working with Leanne!  
She provided a much-needed perspective for financial growth and sustainability for a non-profit.”  - Forrest Coleman, founder Multiply Church


“Businesses who work with Leanne go from depending on lines of credit to bank accounts full of cash.”  Jane Larson, Assistant Vice President |  Washington Trust Bank

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