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I help Small Business Owners master their finances and triumph at tax time with my TWO-NUMBER METHOD.

Stop Sucking at Money 

Managing your business finances will become second nature with my Two-Number Method.

Pay Yourself  

Sole Prop, LLC, S-Corp.  Goodbye to confusion about paying yourself and IRS.

Bank Accounts Full of Money  

Implement the Two-Number Method using only your phone and a bank app.

If you struggle with business finances, you’re normal!

Revenue went up, but profit vanished.  You doubled revenue, but now you have to generate 3xs more to breakeven.  

Tax Nightmares  You’re terrified to file a tax return and hope write-offs will save you.

Audit Stress You need a paycheck, but don't know how, so you use the business card for personal purchases.

Quickbooks Woes It was supposed to save the day, instead your finances are in disarray & you're lost.

Profit First Fail  You read the book, you tried it,  but got lost in the jargon, accounts, and precents. 


 Learn how to keep the money you make
(vs) eternally chasing higher revenue.

Don't take my word for it!
Working with Leanne and her Two-Number Method changed us from the inside out. Our business went through a complete financial transformation when we implemented her method to our cash flow.



Businesses who work with Leanne go from depending on lines of credit to bank accounts full of cash.

Jane Larson, Assistant VP 

Washington Trust Bank

We now have 10 times the financial resources than when we began working with Leanne!  She provided a much needed perspective for financial growth and sustainability for a non-profit.

Forrest Coleman

founder Multiply Church

Get the TWO-NUMBER METHOD for your business 
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available on demand

Profit Lab is my  masterclass built on 8 minute videos. You will learn everything I’d teach you 1-on-1, for a fraction of the cost.  Includes a comprehensive workbook to download, cheat sheets, & community.

Start now!



offered February & October

 6 weekly sessions in an intimate group structure. Develop a new cash flow plan for your business using the Two-Number Method. 1 hour of homework per week.

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1-on-1 financial coaching

You want privacy & 1-on-1 help.  Together we will make sense of your business finances and develop a tailored strategy for your business & profit that you love. 

Book Consult Now!

Hello, I'm Leanne.

We just met, but I know one thing about you:  You work tirelessly to grow your business, but your bank account rarely reflects your hard work. 

If you are stressed, embarrassed, or confused about money & taxes, you are totally normal.

I've been there too! I know how demoralizing it is to talk to a disapproving lender, CPA, and financial advisor. It's awful.

With my Two-Number Method, I was able to rescue my first 7-figure business and pay off a $100k line of credit. I will teach you the secrets of my Two-Number Method so you can feel confident and in control of your finances. Say goodbye to debt and hello to bank accounts full of money.

Don’t take my word for it!  Real small business owners share how their financial transformation stories with you below:

Adair-6526 (1).jpg

Do you want to take charge of your business finances without spending hours buried in Quickbooks or spreadsheets? 

I will teach you how to master your money with 10 minutes a week, using your cell phone and Two-Numbers.   Yes, it’s that simple.

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  • What is the Two-Number Method?
    “You need just two numbers, your cell phone, and a bank app to increase your profit, master your money, and triumph at tax time.” - Leanne Say goodbye to restrictive budgeting, pouring over confusing financial statements, and hours wasted in Quickbooks! The Two-Number Method is the simplest and most intuitive way to manage your business cash flow on earth! Harnessing your natural thought patterns and leveraging your bank app, the Two-Number method empowers you to effectively manage your business finances and boost profitability. With just Two-Numbers and your cell phone, you'll align your innate tendencies with money instead of hating them. The Two-Number method is grounded in principles from cognitive psychology, behavioral finance, and your automatic behaviors. It’s so easy!
  • How do I learn the Two-Number Method?
    “I created the Two-Number Method to rescue my first 7-figure business from disaster when all the good advice and financial gimmicks left me broke. It turned my business around, and I’ve taught that Method to thousands of small business owners just like you.” –Leanne There are three options available for learning the Two-Number Method: Profit Lab: Join Leanne's on-demand Masterclass where you can learn and implement the Two-Number Method in just 4 weeks. This comprehensive program includes a growing video library covering essential topics like tax, cash flow, budgeting, cost of goods, investing, and more. Includes a workbook full of tips, tricks, and worksheets that Leanne uses in her 1x1 coaching sessions. Group Coaching: Participate in Leanne's intimate group coaching sessions held in September and February. These sessions consist of 6, LIVE, one-hour sessions where Leanne will personally answer your questions, provide support, and coach you on the weekly material. You'll have homework and be required to watch 30 minutes of video content before each session. 1x1 Coaching: For business owners seeking privacy and individualized support, Leanne offers 1-on-1 coaching. Together, you and Leanne will address your specific financial challenges, tax situation, business formation, and more. This coaching program requires a commitment of 4 months with weekly sessions. **Please note that a consultation is required before starting this program. Choose the learning option that suits your needs and start mastering the Two-Number Method today.
  • I am a new’ish business, when’s a good time to work with you?
    If you have revenue and you’re thinking about deductions, it’s time to learn how to run a business… profitably! Now is the time to level up your financial literacy, increase your profit, and rock the Two-Number Method. Don’t wait until you have a half-million in revenue, a mound of financial regrets, and the IRS knocking on your door. Leanne offers Profit Lab, Group Coaching, and 1x1 Coaching so that anyone can learn the Two-Number Method. “I’ve helped small business owners at every stage of business implement the Two-Number Method. From multi-million to multi-thousand dollar revenue streams, it works!” - Leanne
  • Can Leanne do my Taxes?
    Nope! We let the CPAs do taxes and happily refer students to compassionate, competent CPAs. Leanne is a Financial Planner by trade. She doesn’t do tax returns, but she can help in these ways: Learn the Two-Number Method Investments for small businesses Profit-Sharing Plan for employees Money-forecasting Creating a business budget Optimizing Cost of Goods Destroying business debt Retirement Planning Tax Planning “By luck, referral, and large audiences, I’ve worked with tens-of-thousands of business owners and their money! I love it when I help a business get legit profitable, then the business owner turns to me for personal financial planning.” -Leanne
  • What tools and strategies does Leanne offer to help me grow my business financially?
    “My services have evolved to ensure that location, availability, and financial situation are NOT barriers to learning the Two-Number Method or having access to financial literacy.” –Leanne We have three options to tailored to small business owners, 1099 contractors, and self-employed creators, freelancers, coaches, etc. All three options cover essential financial topics like money mindset, profitable habits, financial skills, business formation (LLC, S-Corp, etc.), cash flow, budgeting, cost of goods, and investing. Profit Lab is a comprehensive masterclass where you learn the Two-Number Method. You'll have access to all the tools you’d get in 1x1 Coaching, at your own pace, for a fraction of the cost. The best part is that it is 4 weeks from start to finish. Profit Lab is composed of 8 minute videos which are easy to follow and don’t take up any time out of your already busy schedule. Group Coaching will help you develop a new cash flow plan for your business, find your Two-Numbers and implement the Method. Leanne teaches what you’d learn in Profit Lab in a live, intimate setting with other business owners. It is fun, supportive, collaborative, and gives you access to Leanne for your specific questions. • 30-minute video lessons • 1-hour group coaching session x 6 • 1 hour of practical exercises per week • Access to Profit Lab training library & Tax Crap videos One-on-one Coaching is for you if you're seeking a proven business coach who can help you make sense of your finances and develop a tailored strategy for your business & profit. You will get 1-on-1 guidance, lots of feedback, hand holding, and accountability. This is a 4 month commitment.
  • What is financial coaching and how can it benefit your business?
    “If you wish someone with would roll up their sleeves and help you figure out your business finances, you’re at the right place.” –Leanne Financial coaching is a powerful tool that helps freelancers and small business owners to see the big picture when it comes to their finances. With our Group Coaching and 1x1 Coaching, you'll get personalized advice, guidance, support, and actionable strategies to boost your profits! Leanne’s programs will help you: Become more financially savvy Identify potential opportunities for profit growth Create an effective spending plan And make informed decisions about capital investments
  • What is the difference between financial coaching and bookkeeping?
    “Mastering Cash Flow, Operating Capital, and the Science of keeping money is far more important than learning Quickbooks, SEO, and social media gimmicks combined!” Leanne I teach small business owners, freelancers, 1099’ers, and creatives HOW to manage cash-flow and profit with Two-Numbers and their bank app! You’ve probably heard “You need to know your business numbers.” Start with learning your Two-Numbers, and the rest will make sense! I teach you to manage your cash flow & operating capital with your Two-Numbers. No spreadsheets, no complicated formulas, no budgeting. Trying to plot your finances in Quickbooks is a waste of your entrepreneurial effort and brain power. I always recommend small business owners hire a bookkeeper unless they love doing bookkeeping. Bookkeepers aren’t as expensive as you think! Plan on investing $150/mo and treat them as one of the most profitable investments your business can make. Need a referral, just ask! (FYI, Leanne is not a bookkeeper.)
  • I am struggling with debt or cash flow issues in your business, do you help with this?
    You don't have to struggle alone… we are here to help! My financial coaching provides you with personalized advice and resources that make achieving your financial goals easier than ever. The difference between the constant stress you are under now and success is 10 minutes a week away. Let me help you identify and tackle issues around debt, cash flow, taxes, investments, and more, so you can take control of your business finances and set yourself up for success!
More Reviews:

I hate fake reviews!  I want you to meet real business owners sharing how I helped them conquer their most stressful and embarrassing problems with money.    

“I was doing a lot of things wrong, but Leanne made it really clear on what I needed to do with my steps moving forward with setting budgets and goals.”


Millie Schnebly, Co-Owner

“The first time I met with Leanne and she told me what we were going to do, I couldn’t sleep for a week. But after we did it, I’ve never slept better.”

Dee's Landscaping And Lawn Service

Dee Lordan, Founder of Dee’s Landscaping and Lawn Service

“Leanne really helped me relearn how to view success and the benchmarks, financially, for my business.”


Joel Barbour, Founder of The Great PNW

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